Ticking with Tradition to the Future

Founded in 1889 in Le Locle, Switzerland, DOXA proudly celebrates a fascinating 125 years history. The pioneering spirit of DOXA's founder, Georges Ducommun, is part of each and every watch that we design, create, and manufacture with utmost precision and passion. Our respect for our rich tradition, our attention to detail, our anticipation of future trends create watches for the successful woman and man of today, looking for timeless elegance, spirited classiness or trendy sportiness.

To commemorate our 125th Anniversary, DOXA is presenting astounding new timepieces, which combine the best of our rich history with today's technical competence, contemporary design and flair.

"A watch is not just a watch. Our watches make a statement, they hold the essence of DOXA’s history. We combine elements from our past with cutting edge technology to create a watch that suits its wearer perfectly."

Romeo F. Jenny
Managing Director, Montres DOXA SA

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